Turkey Hunting Tips & Tactics

Few things in this life can get a hunter’s heart pumping like the sound of a roosted gobbler announcing to the world that he is awake on an early spring morning.  But hearing him and killing him are two events separated by a lot of important decision making, skilled calling, a good set up, shooting abilities, and the list goes on.

DEER30 Outdoors has been very proud of the success that we have had in capturing our hunts on camera to share with you as well as the ventures afield that did not yield a bird in the bag.  Each of these hunts provide valuable lessons to be learned and applied to future pursuits.

Below are a few articles about such lessons learned that may help you on your next hunt.  If you don’t find your answer here, please feel free to contact us through the website, facebook, etc. and we will be more than happy to try to offer you some advice.


  1. Basic Gear for Turkey Hunting
  2. How to Pattern Your turkey Gun
  3. How to Pattern Your Turkey Gun (video)
  4. How to Use a Slate Call
  5. Choosing the Right Sight for your Turkey Gun
  6. Weapon Selection
  7. How to Apply QuickFletch Veins
  8. How to Re-Blue your Firearm
  9. Its All the Rage


  1. Talking Turkey
  2. How to Hunt Spring Gobblers
  3. Hunting High Pressure Birds


  1. Know your Trees
  2. Prescribed Burn
  3. How to Mount Your Turkey Fan
  4. Deer Ticks
  5. Redlands WMA
  6. How to Get Started Recording Your Own Hunts
  7. Improve Your Bow Shooting
  8. 3 Tips to Improve your Bow Shooting

Also, we don’t know everything.  If you have a tip that you would like to share with the class, please e-mail it to deer30outdoors@yahoo.com subject Tips & Tactics or message us social media.  Please include your name, state of residence, and any photos/video necessary to illustrate your tip.


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