Deer Hunting Tips & Tactics

The whitetail deer is, by far, the most popular species for big game hunters across America to pursue.  It is an abundant animal as populations have rebounded from near annihilation during the early 20th century to numbers that, dare I say, are a nuisance in some areas.  It can be found coast to coast in the United States and from Canada to Central and even South Americas.  The whitetail is highly adaptive when it comes to habitat and can be found in dense thickets and open hardwoods to treeless prairies and in right in your own backyard.

But just because there are plenty of deer to hunt and they can be found virtually any where,  that doesn’t mean they just roll-over, die and you walk home with meat for the table and a rack on the wall.  Population densities vary, hunting pressure, food sources, cover, water, temperature, weather, scouting, weapon choice, bag limits, terrain, and countless other variables all come in to play to determine if your hunt will end in success or if your left scratching your head and wondering what did I do wrong or what should I try next.

Over the years, we have encountered many of the same challenges and frustrations that arise during our pursuit of the “Grey Ghost.”  Whether we came home with braggin’ rights or just another story to tell, every time you enter the woods is an opportunity to learn something new.

Below are a few articles about such lessons learned that may help you on your next hunt.  If you don’t find your answer here, please feel free to contact us through the website, facebook, etc. and we will be more than happy to try to offer you some advice.


  1. Basic Equipment for a Whitetail Hunting Trip
  2. Safety Tip #1 – Tree Stand Maintenance
  3. Safety Tip #2 – Unloading Before Climbing a Stand
  4. Safety Tip #3 – Misfires
  5. Trail Camera Surveys
  6. How to Apply QuickFletch Veins
  7. Scent Control
  8. Re-Blue Your Firearm
  9. Tree Stand Placement
  10. Tree Stand Fall Story
  11. Improve Your Bow Shooting
  12. 3 Tips that Will Improve Your Bow Shooting
  13. Broadheads
  14. Caliber Selection
  15. Navigation Tools
  16. Range Finders
  17. Sighting in a Muzzleloader
  18. Cold Weather Gear


  1. Shot Placement
  2. Hunting Weather
  3. Baiting
  4. Identifying Age Class
  5. How Good is a Deer’s Hearing
  6. The Nose Knows
  7. Using Groundblinds
  8. Tarsal Glands
  9. Deer Sign
  10. Stalking Whitetails
  11. Urban Archery
  12. Summer Preparations
  13. Meat vs. Trophy
  14. Tracking a Wounded Deer
  15. Interpreting Shot Quality
  16. Calling to Whitetails
  17. Rubs
  18. When to Shoot Does
  19. Bucks:  10 Things to Consider Before You Shoot or Pass


  1. Food Plot Basics
  2. Trees for Wildlife
  3. Prescribed Burns


  1. How to Clean a Deer Skull
  2. How to Field Dress a Deer
  3. How to Skin a Deer
  4. How to Dry a Velvet Rack
  5. Why So Gamey?


  1. Learning from Your Mistakes
  2. Deer Ticks
  3. The Costs of Hunting
  4. Redlands WMA
  5. How to Get Started Recording Your Hunts

Also, we don’t know everything.  If you have a tip that you would like to share with the class, please e-mail it to subject Tips & Tactics or message us social media.  Please include your name, state of residence, and any photos/video necessary to illustrate your tip.



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