The Day I Fell

The DEER30 Team should buy stock in Comfort Zone treestands. They are extremely affordable and are portable enough to carry deep into the mountains or to relocate quickly should the deer movements change.  You get what you pay for though so don’t expect a huge platform or the most comfortable seat in the world, but if you want multiple set ups on a low budget, these stands are a great way to go.

In the summer of 2010, Levi and I needed to hang a few extra stands in preparation for playing host to the rest of the DEER30 guys when they were going to join me for an early season bow hunt.  The small farm that I have hunted for nearly 20 years holds a lot of deer, especially in a dense thicket of briars and honeysuckle at its northern end.  I never hunt in the thicket, leaving it as a sanctuary for the deer, but I do have stands around its perimeter.  But there was large white oak that I had always wanted to hunt out of, so we stopped by Dick’s Sporting Goods, picked up another Comfort Zone stand, and headed out.

I never climb a tree whether to hang a stand or to hunt from one, without my Hunter’s Safety System vest.  However, this was a spur of the moment kind of thing and I didn’t have the vest with me.  So I decided to use the harness that came with the stand.  Levi was busy assembling the stand and I was putting in the winders and clearing vines from the trunk when suddenly the leg straps slipped and I fell through the harness.  Luckily I was only about three feet off the ground, but the chest strap caught me under the chin and snapped my head back, and compressed my throat and wind pipe so severely that I had difficulty breathing, a sore throat, and to this day trouble swallowing.

I was lucky!

Moral of the story is:  You can skimp on the stand but buy and use the best harness you can find!

Oh……and in two years we have killed five deer and one fox from that stand!

– Randy

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