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Deer Ticks by the Hundreds

This is a serious notification to all of those hunters out there, especially those in the south where the colder temperatures have not reached.  Today I went scouting for a newdeer-tick_public domain image hunting spot and decided to make it a family affair taking my wife and 8 month old along.  Everything went well and we had a terrific time.  That is, until we got in the car and were headed home.

My wife brings to my attention a tiny, tiny, little tick on her arm.  So I pull over (we were still on the government road) so she could dispose of the tick, when “here’s another one!  Oh my God!”  She found four in about 15 secs. and 3 on our son.  I drove straight home.  All three of us stripped down at the door and jumped straight into the shower.

After our shower/baths, we checked my son over and did not find any more of the miniscule parasites.  But my wife ended up finding one on herself.  So I told her, as the song goes, “I’d like to check you for ticks.”  What started out kind of jokingly, quickly became an earnest strip search for both of us and the fun implications of Brad Paisley’s song could not be farther from our minds as we removed over 200 ticks from our bodies!

Apparently, we ran into a mess of deer ticks in their larvae stage, also known as “seed ticks” which thankfully is when it is rare for them to transmit dreaded Lyme Disease.  It was a horrible feeling of which I am still trying to get over as I am writing this post at 1:30 am because I can’t sleep due to the “feeling” of tiny ticks crawling all over me.

Next time you’re in the outdoors, for whatever reason, be sure to check yourself thoroughly when you return home.  Deer ticks and Lyme Disease are no joke!

– Randy

photo courtesy of publicdomainimages.com