Summertime Ground Grizzlies!

The summer can be a rough time on a deer hunter.  The seasons are closed in most parts of the country and opening day is still months away.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t hunting opportunities to be had.  GROUNDHOG hunting is an excellent way to pass the long hot days of July and August and a great tool for keeping yourself in shooting form.  Practicing on the small targets of these dirt pigs will definitely increase your focus when taking aim at a whitetail the upcoming fall.

These critters are a nuisance to many land owners.  Groundhogs love to fatten up on agricultural crops such as corn, soybean, and alfalfa but are also known to climb trees to grab apples and pears.  Their burrows can be both destructive and dangerous to property, people, and livestock.  Their maze of tunnels can undermine foundations, damage harvesting equipment, or break the leg of unsuspecting livestock and farmers.

So Daniel and Adam decide to do their part to help reduce the numbers of Ground Grizzlies calling this farm home.

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