Smoke Pole Success

VA 8pt

DEER30 Outdoors owner, Randy Ott, took his CVA Optima .50 cal.  muzzleloader into the hardwoods of Virginia this morning with fairly low expectations.  After all, he had overslept, was running late, had to be home before 9am so his wife could make it to work on time, and had not seen so much as a squirrel during the last two sits at this location.  But trail camera photos don’t lie and this is November!  The time of year every hunter knows its better to be in the stand than not as a good deer could step out at any time.

So after an hour in the stand and with the sun just starting to peek over the top of the mountains, the unmistakable sound of a deer walking caught his attention.  As Randy peered over his shoulder, up the mountain came one doe and then another.  Both deer worked their way up the ridge bleating at each other along the way until they walk directly under Randy’s feet.  Simultaneously, both does swung their heads around and gave a tell tale glance back over their shoulders giving the approach of more deer away.

20151112_080536Another doe appears with a big, mature 8pt on her heels.  They stop about 60 yards down slope so that the old buck could make a scrape and thrash some rhododendron.  The young doe was playfully staying just ahead of the buck’s nose until she turned and bounced back down through the hardwoods, away from Randy’s perch only 15 feet off the ground.

The buck lifted his head from the brush to see which way she had gone and stepped into an opening.  Randy squeezes the trigger with crosshairs hovering on the big bodied deer’s heart.  Through the burst of smoke, Randy could see the big deer fall to the ground then pick himself up and stagger another 30 yards.

And just like that, another big buck hits the ground in Virginia!

This buck was no stranger to Randy and Adam.  He made his presence known during the 2014 season as well but sported a funky looking dagger for a rack.  The unique rack was the result of this old buck having broken his front leg presumably from being hit by a car.  Randy actually had a shot at this deer and missed him with his bow in October of 2014.

Funky Buck in 2014

The old buck had a huge body (estimated 200lbs field dressed) and great mass  on his 8pt rack.


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