2014 DEER30 DVD

DEER30 Outdoors is proud to present another season of The Year Round Hunters. Join your host, Randy Ott, and the rest of the DEER30 team as they remind us all why its called hunting and not killing.
The 2014 spring gobbler season and fall whitetail season both proved to be an uphill climb as the team struggled to get animals on the ground. Bitten by the “miss shot bug” all year, the team didn’t give up and eventually bagged some bone!
Come along and experience the trials and tribulations felt as Randy pursues his biggest Virginia bow kill buck to date. You’ll get the chance to see some fantastic bucks up close and watch their natural behavior as they gear up for the rut, including several vocalizations.
As always, the purpose of DEER30 Outdoors is to share our outdoors experiences with you to entertain, educate, and encourage you to try this way of life that we love so much! So thank you for your support and maybe we’ll see you in the deer woods!

Note:You may experience playback difficulties with this DVD on older DVD players.

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