2015 Spring Gobblers DVD

DEER30 Outdoors is proud to present our first turkey only DVD, Spring Gobblers. Join your host, Randy Ott, and the rest of the DEER30 OUTDOORS team as they chase long beards through the mountains of southwest Virginia.
The 2015 spring gobbler season proved to be our most successful yet as we captured 14 hunts on film and brought home some beautiful birds. Come along and experience the hunts in 100% HD as the guys call in some big gobblers so close they have to shoot almost in self-defense.
You will get to hear calling sequences as they happen, a live hen make every call in the book, and shooting tips for patterning your shotgun prior to the season opener. All of which will help make you a better turkey hunter.
As always, the purpose of DEER30 Outdoors is to share our outdoors experiences with you to entertain, educate, and encourage you to try this way of life that we love so much! So thank you for your support and maybe we’ll see you in the turkey woods!

Note:You may experience playback difficulties with this DVD on older DVD players.

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