2012 The Year Round Hunters – DVD

The DEER30 Outdoors team’s first video production, The Year Round Hunters, has truly been a labor of love. Join your host, Randy Ott, and follow along on a February squirrel hunt in Georgia, as he shares the team’s experiences from the 2012 hunting season.

This video has a little something for everyone as it captures hunts for 7 different species across 5 states on National Forest and private farms. Begin by listening to spring long beards gobble in the face of the camera during several Eastern Wild Turkey hunts and calling tip segments from Virginia and West Virginia. The team then braves the summer heat for some fast paced long range groundhog hunts, preseason scouting tips and footage of giant velvet whitetail bucks.

By September, the team has traveled to Maryland for some early season whitetail action. Watch as Randy takes his largest bow kill buck during the Maryland rut and Adam as he heads to Illinois for a big Midwestern whitetail. Levi nearly freezes his own tail off but finally takes his first whitetail buck ever on a late season Maryland muzzleloader hunt.

A few shots of opportunity at some predators arise as Randy and team member Adam have some surprises walk right under their stands and you can hear the excitement in their voices and see the fun on their faces as the DEER30 Outdoors team wraps up the video with some fast shooting rabbit hunting.

If you want to see some great hunting action from 5 regular guys passionate about the outdoors, then the Year Round Hunters is must see!

Note: You may experience playback difficulties with this DVD on older DVD players.

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