Nickname: Doctor Jones

Born: 1977

Home State: Virginia

Occupation: License Surveyor in Training

Started Hunting in: 2010

Favorite animal to hunt: When its deer season I like deer more. When its turkey season, I like turkey more.

Preferred Weapon: PSE Bow

Person(s) who introduced me to hunting: Randy and Adam

Favorite College Team: Virginia Tech Hokies

Team Position: Contributor (Co-Host, Videographer, Shooter, author)


Born raised and will likely die in SW Virginia…that’s Southwest Virginia, and not South West Virginia! I’m a God fearing, hard workin, music makin’ family man. Outside of my day job and family life, my winter and summer seasons are filled up with writing songs and playing music. My favorite fall and spring pastimes used to be keeping up with football and baseball, but that has recently changed to finding time to get in the woods.

I always loved nature and being outside, but never really had the chance to learn about hunting and tracking from anyone. Some of my friends and family would invite me to tag along occasionally, but I never took too much interest in it at a younger age. I didn’t really understand the need for it and wondered why anyone would sit in the woods in frigid temps just for a chance at shooting a poor ol’ deer.

As a young man in the work force, I studied land surveying and worked on a field crew traversing deep in the woods, through briar patches and thickets and accross steep terrain. Along some of my journeys as a young land surveyor, I encountered a lot of wildlife and got to know the outdoors much better, and although respectful and curious about hunting, I still didn’t know where to begin.

Well, my outlook on the sport of hunting and life in general changed one day when my good friends and co-workers at the time invited me to tag along on a spring turkey hunt. With a hopeful heart, I bought a license, but really expected to hike through the mountains not sure if we’d see or hear anything, but just hoping to have a good time getting out of the house and enjoying being with my buddies for some “guy” time. That morning started off rather slow and half way through, I was thinking to myself, my hunting days are about over. Before we called it quits, we stopped at a different spot to call a little. Not long after we sat down on a hillside a gang of turkeys came into view. Adam whispered to me “Kevin, you want to kill a turkey?” I said “no, this is your hunt”, but he insisted, gave me the shotgun and told me to get ready. After a few more calls, a bird raised its head over the ridge and I was able to connect on my first big game harvest.

From that day, I’ve been hooked. Thanks to my friends, Randy, Adam and Daniel for showing me the ropes. Their time and unselfish nature provided me with a little knowhow about caring for the outdoors and wildlife as well as safety with a firearm, a bow and even hanging a treestand. Hey we all need a little help from our friends with that!

I’ll admit, I’ve felt like I was on top of the world at times, and pretty down when the hunting is slow. But everyday I’m not in the woods hunting for game, I’m usually thinking about it or wishing I was.

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