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It is always interesting to us, how viewers find our webpage.  Did you see our sticker on a truck while hunting?  A team member wearing one of our stylish DEER30 Tees?  Find our feed on You Tube or just happen upon us through a random search?  Or maybe a friend or family member was spreading the word?  However you heard of us, we are thankful that you took the time to check us out and we hope you enjoyed your visit and that you will return to see updated posts, photos, and videos.

If you wouldn’t mind, please write a comment and let us know how you found us, and anything else that you may have to say about our site, so that we may continue to improve and reach out to others.


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6 thoughts on “How Did You Find Us?”

  1. Found you from a link on the D&DH forums. An excellent find. Look forward to reading more of your excellent writing. Maybe you could do more on turkey hunting? I’ll be giving that a go this fall. I often see more turkey than deer so got turkey tags this year. I’m especially interested in mouth calls, what are good ones, and how to use them for fall turkey. Thanks for the great site and your responsiveness.

    1. Glad you found us! Its a toss up between what we get the most excited over turkey hunting or deer hunting. You can bet that we will be adding more video and photographs of next year’s hunts. We primarily use mouth calls made by Cane Creek(there is also a link to their site under our Recommended Products). They are a quality call and will last you all season.

      I personally do not hunt turkeys in the fall unless the opportunity arises while in the deer stand because I like to save my tags for the spring and I am working hard for a deer. But in the fall I would scout for signs of where the turkeys are feeding and set up there, waiting for the birds to arrive. I will see if I can get Adam or Daniel to give you any better tips on fall calling. Thanks again for the compliments and I hope you keep them coming!


    2. I have typically found that the best way to hunt turkeys in the fall is to bust the flock up. The easiest way to do this is to pattern the turkeys, typically by looking for the most recent scratching on the ground. You can also do it by observing from a distance or finding where they are roosting. Once you have the birds located, you can bust them up by running into the middle of the flock making as much noise as you can. The key with this method is to get a close as possible so that you can be on the birds before they see you coming, otherwise, the birds will tend to stay grouped up as they leave the area. If you can get the birds on wing in several different directions, this tends to work extremely well. Once you have broken the birds up, find a place near the area where they flew out and setup. I typically will not call for at least 20-30 minutes but typically the turkeys will already be calling to each other within that time. Once you hear the first bird calling back, typically it will not take long before they start working their way to you trying to get back together. Usually in the fall there is no limit to how soft or aggressive you get with your calling, either way typically produces results. If you can master a “keekee” call with your mouthcall (hopefully you’re better than me), these tend to be an extremely effective call in the fall of the year. If you aren’t comfortable with a mouthcall, I recommend carrying a slate and/or boxcall as well. Hope this helps and good luck this fall.

  2. Looked into the calls and ordered one. The demonstration videos are great for us novices. I’ll be watching (and playing along) with that video many times. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hi there. Thought I’d let you know the Cane Creek call arrived yesterday. Great call. Easy to use and I go the yelp on my own in a few mintutes. Purrs and kee kee’s need some work. I am very pleased. Thanks for letting me know about Cane Creek.

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