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It is sad that this page is necessary but unfortunately that’s the world in which we live.


This blog site is written and updated by team members only.  All opinions presented on this site are views of the author only and are meant to aid, encourage, educate, and promote its readers about the great sports of hunting and fishing.  Any statistic or specific product information presented on this site should be verified by the product manufacturer or provider prior to use.  If we appear to be experts in any topic or product, we are flattered by the title, but assure you that our expertise are based solely from years of personal experience and not professional training.  All state DNR reg.’s should be checked by the reader prior to using tips and tactics described on this blog.  What is legal in one state may not be in another and regulations change year to year.


All comments posted by this site’s readers are screened prior to posting for obscenities or inappropriate content.  Comments containing such material, vocabulary, etc. or any comment determined to be spam is subject to deletion prior to posting.


All images and videos posted to this site are property of DEER30 Outdoors unless otherwise cited.  Images cited from authors other than DEER30 Outdoors may have restrictions of use or other licenses attached to their images.  DEER30 Outdoor’s use of these images does not in any way suggest that they endorse DEER30 Outdoors or our use of the work.

Fan Page

The DEER30 Outdoors Fan Page is provided as a means for sharing experiences of our viewers/readers.  Upon sending your content, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 1. DEER30 Outdoors will use the content solely for the purposes outline  in this section of the Disclosure Page and those listed on the “Fan Page.” 2. DEER30 Outdoors shall not share any personal information provided including but not limited to full names and contact information with anyone not affiliated with the website. 3. You must be at least 18 years old to share content with this website.  Underage readers and viewers are welcome but must provide written consent from their legal guardian to post content.  4. You must have ownership of or permission to use any image provided.  5. All content received shall be screened prior to posting for obscenities or inappropriate material.  Content including such material, vocabulary, etc. or any material determined to be spam is subject to deletion prior to posting. 6. DEER30 Outdoors, LLC is not liable for any material provided under false pretenses or in violation of any of these relative articles. 7.  Deer30 Outdoors reserves the right to post and remove any/all content at its discretion.

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