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    1. High altitudes have two obvious challenges. The first being getting there and the second is dealing with the thinner air and less oxygen. If I was planning a trip into high altitudes I would focus my exercise regime on cardio vascular endurance and leg strength. This will increase your lung efficiency and stamina. As for dietary recommendations, I am a poor resource. I enjoy eating, at times a little too much, and find it hard to do without the things that taste good but aren’t the best for you. That being said, a healthy well balanced diet would be sufficient in you preparations for the trip and aid you in getting into proper shape. But I would pack carbohydrate rich foods for the duration of the trip as you will burn more calories than usual. I hope this helps and thank you for the great question.

  1. DEER30

    I found instructions in a magazine, lost the mag and did it by memory when I finally got wing bones!
    Start by boning out the three largest wingbones. The humerous, ulna and radius. Remove as much flesh as can be easily removed. I leave the bones attached so the bones won’t get mixed up. Place the bones in a sauce pan half filled with water, add two or three “drops” of dish washing liquid soap. I prefer Ivory, but any will work. (scented soaps leave a taste! Yuck! )
    Bring to a boil and boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove, cool and separate bones, keeping left/right seperate. At this point, I wrap and freeze one set of bones and work with the other set.
    Begin by scraping all three bones clean (except for the ends, you’ll be cutting them off) as possible
    The large bone has a web of bone I remove with a 1/4″ wood chisel.
    I use copper wire to remove the marrow from the other bones.
    I can’t give you any “exact” measurements, but the big end of the large bone is kinda “trumpet” shaped. You can google “wingbone yelper” to get an idea of how it’s supposed to look.
    The “smallest” bone has a “flatish” end. Trim very carefully! It’s the “mouthpiece”!
    Trim, carve, sand until all three bones fit together. STOP!
    Lay those bones up and allow them to dry thoroughly, about a week.or

  2. Forgive me! I’m working with an android phone! !

    I use a good quality wood glue (Elmer’s, Gorilla Glue) to assemble the bones. There will be big gaps in the joints. A drop or two of glue, allow to dry and add another drop until both joints are (must be!) totally sealed! Trim and clean the joints.
    I use fine (000) steel wool for a final polish.
    To make it work?
    Best “instruction” I can give you is “kiss it”! Don’t give up!
    Call in and kill a big ol gobblin’, struttin’, drummin’ tom with a call you made is an absolutely awesome adrenaline rush!
    Dope users never called in a turkey to bag!!! They’d NEVER go back to dope!!! LOL!!!

    1. Thanks Bubba! Unfortunately, I already disposed of the wings of the bird from yesterday. But I will defiantely give this a try with the next one. Your right about the drug users, hearing a bird gobble in your face at 20 yards, there is no drug that can get you higher than that feeling. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again.
      Much appreciated.

  3. I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers on this land that i am hunting. I have topo maps and a great google map view that shows terrain. Is there a way someone could email me?

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