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DEER:30 OUTDOORS has just begun its quest to present its viewers with a new perspective on the art of hunting.  It is founded not on today’s growing obsession of killing the deer with the biggest rack, but is rooted in the enjoyment of nature, being with friends and family, and the pursuit of our quarry.  For some of us, this lesson was learned early in life, passed down from father to son.  But for others on our team, it came through friendship and curiosity.  It is new because we are simply a group of guys hunting primarily public lands and small private farms in states that don’t come to mind when hunting “trophy” deer.  A far cry from Iowa,Illinois,Kansas, etc. and the countless outfitters that monopolize the shows on TV.

Nevertheless, the trophies are abundant, and there for the taking.  Our pursuit often teeters on the edge of obsession and drives us out of the house and away from our warm fires, far too early in the morning, to climb mountains and brave the cold in search of game.  Non-hunters and many wives will never understand what motivates us.  That’s where DEER:30 Outdoors comes in.  In order to continue the love of our sport, the next generation must experience the same exhilaration of the hunt, enrichment of comradery, satisfying feelings of success, and the heartbreak of defeat to fully appreciate its value.

In short, hunting is not something that we do for a few months out of the year or a means to which we can boast our dominance over that “poor defenseless animal.”  It is a commitment to the preparation, anticipation, and dedication of a way of life.  A successful harvest puts the most naturally organic food available on our table.  The purchase of our hunting licenses provides dollars for habitat and species conservation across the state and country.  Speaking of the whitetail deer specifically, hunting is the most efficient means of population control available for a species that can quickly overwhelm its resources.  The whitetail deer is one of the most adaptive animals in North America and will take up residence in city greenways and expanding suburbia.  Millions of dollars of damage are cause each year by vehicle collisions with this one animal alone.   They need us as much as we need them.

We began recording our deer hunts and turkey hunts in 2010.  None of us had ever really tried this before and took the “learn as you go” approach.  We quickly discovered tactics that work and those that didn’t, and how to work together when we were used to the one-on-one match up of a hunter and his prey.  It was a frustrating and fantastic experience that spurred on a desire to continue to work hard and improve with each opportunity.  We now feel the need to want to share these experiences and lessons with you to save you from making the same mistakes, and encourage you to try something new, whether that is filming your own hunts or trying hunting for the first time.

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    1. This season isn’t over yet. Hopefully the 2013 DVD will be available before 2014 spring gobbler season or 1st of June at the latest. I have started editing this year’s footage, and it is shaping up nicely with more big gobblers and more shots on bigger bucks! How did you like the 2012 DVD?

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