Opening Day Brute

Congratulations to DEER30 Outdoors team member, Adam, for arrowing this opening day Virginia brute.  Despite the drenching weather provided by Hurricane Joaquin, the bucks were on their feet tonight.  This massive 8pt with bladed beams and brow tines was one of 10 bucks that Adam saw from his climber.  Earlier in the evening, a doe passed by his stand, in range, but when Adam drew his Mathews switchback, a water bubble from the heavy rain was obstructing his view of his pins and he was unable to shoot the doe.  As fate would have it, soon after this bruiser buck was standing 5 yards from the white oak Adam had climbed.  If it wasn’t for the water droplet in his peep sight, Adam would have shot the doe and may have never seen this buck.  A great deer and a helluva way to start the season!

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