One Helluva October

Randy's 2016 VA 8pt

The morning broke cool and calm, preluding the sunny bluebird day ahead.  I had made up my mind the night before that should a doe present a good shot this morning, I was going to take it.  I didn’t have to wait long before the unmistakable sound of a deer walking through the dry fallen leaves was growing louder and louder.

I turned and looked to see a small button buck and a large doe feeding on the abundant acorns carpeting the ground as they worked their way up the mountain.  Each were completely oblivious to the peril in which they were putting themselves.  When the doe hit an opening in the tree branches at 25 yards, I drew my bow and settled the pin on her chest.  At the last moment, she turned straight away from me and took with her the opportunity for a good clean kill shot.
I let down my bow and returned it to its hanger, patiently waiting and hoping for another chance.  It was early yet and I was confident the deer would be on the move.  Soon a small spike appeared from the adjacent ridge and skirted the corner of the clear cut and passed under my stand at 10 yards.  We had trail cam photos of a couple 8pts and I began to question my dedication to shooting a doe on such a beautiful late October morning.

bloody arrowMy mind was quickly made up for me when out of no where, one of the 8pts was at 50 yards and on a dead march to my stand.  I hardly had time to pick my bow up and draw on him.  At 10 yards he reappears from the backside of a large scarlet oak and offered me the only shot I was going to get.  I grunted with my voice to stop him and he instantly snapped to attention and stared right into my eyes.  I took a breath and settled my pin just behind his shoulder and Whack!

deer bloodThe buck ran a little farther than I expected but my Deer Crossing Archery arrow found its mark and the 2-blade Rage hypodermic made sure to take out the deer’s vitals leaving me with my first Virginia buck of the season and my third deer in October on the ground!

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