Old Bay Seasoning

If you don’t know what Old Bay® seaoning is, you are really missing out.  In short it is God’s gift to mankind, in this native Marylander’s opinion anyway. It is a combination of salts and spices to create one of the most popular seafood and poultry seasonings available. If you ask anyone from the Chesapeak Bay area, odds are they know the name, love the flavor, and don’t call a kitchen complete without it.  I personally use it on just about anything such as seafood, poultry, potato chips, corn on the cob, eggs, and so much more. I have even had it on and in ice cream!  It makes a terrific table salt substitute and can be found in many of the recipes of the DEER:30 Cookbook.  It can be found in most grocery stores along the eastern U.S. but tends to become more scarce elsewhere in the country.

– Randy

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