Mega Buck Crossed Off the Hitlist

Daniels Big buckDEER30 Outdoors team member, Daniel Hutchison, has been watching, hoping, and dreaming of the day when his path wood cross with the giant Virginia whitetail buck named simply “The G2 Buck” because of the double split G2 tines of this massive 12 pointer.  As fate would have it, 2015 would be the magical year.  After collecting 4 years of trail cam photos, Daniel finally gets to be in frame and put his hands on the buck of a lifetime!

Congratulations Daniel for taking your best buck and the biggest buck ever taken by a DEER30 Outdoors team member!  What a deer!

VA Monster Buck

Note:  The G2 buck was pocket-tape scored at 155 3/8″.  He sports a 5″ base circumference and a 17″ wide inside spread to go along with his 12 scorable points and loads of character.

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