Look What You Missed

Every hunter has had that moment when they could not hunt, chose to sleep in, picked a different stand and wondered what was happening at stand #2.  Well, I have had my fair share as well and my trail cams have left me going “Aw shucks,” or something like that, when I see what I had missed.

October 7th was Virginia’s opening day of bow season and I decided to hunt a farm that had produced photos of a giant the year before.  Although that deer had been harvested, and my cameras did not show any bucks of his caliber yet this season, I hunted there to save my normal early season spot for my son.  He is 5 yrs old and asked if I would take him hunting with me so he could watch me shoot a deer.  Of course, I jumped at the chance.

The spot I  took him on Sunday (day 2) was located at the corner of a clear cut which we always see does and where I had take 2 of my best Virginia bucks.  Like clockwork, about 45 min after daylight here came the does.  They stood at 20 yards broadside in the pouring rain as we watched from our nice and dry groundblind.

Although my son was encouraging me to shoot, I explained that in the pouring rain, a clear cut is not where you want to be tracking a deer with no blood trail; and he was sitting in my lap with no chance of changing seats and drawing my bow without being busted.

We left that morning having had a great time, seen deer, and spent great quality father/son time together.    Today I checked the trail camera from that location and on opening day (evening before), when I chose not to hunt there so not to mess the place up for our father/son hunt, this dude was standing at 15 yards!

Not a monster, but this biggest I have on camera there so far this season.  At least my reason for not being there is far better than choosing to sleep in.


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