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Capturing a turkey hunt on video is a huge challenge and a lot of work when dealing with the extra movement, cameraman, equipment, and your quarry with some of the sharpest eyes in the woods.  When it all comes together at that magic moment when a Tom gobbles in your face at 30 yards just before the shot is taken, an incredible feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment is reached. Instead of telling our friends, family, and viewers a story of what took place, they are able to watch for themselves and witness first-hand the passion and enthusiasm we have for the sport we love so much.

2015 Clear Cut Gobbler

(from 2015 DVD “Spring Gobblers)

Join Randy and Adam as they chase after another Virginia long beard during the spring 2015 season.  Watch as this bird closes the distance from 400 yards to within shotgun range of Randy’s Mossberg 835.

Talking Turkey:  Live Hen Calls

There is no better teacher when it comes to learning how to make the right sounds and rhythm of a turkey’s vocabulary than the real thing.  Replicating the pitch and rhythm of a hen will help you to get that gobbler fired up and heading in your direction.  During one of our 2015 spring gobbler hunts the DEER30 Outdoors team had a close encounter with a very excited hen.  She was convinced that another hen (Adam) had moved into her area and she was trying to find her with such dedication that she hung around for 30 minutes and comes within 3 feet of our set up!  During this time, she has quite the conversation and gives us a piece of her mind.  Take a look, but more importantly a listen to this encounter.

Kevin’s Virginia Gobbler Hunt 2014

Join Kevin and Adam behind the camera as they team up to try and bag a big Virginia gobbler during the 2014 spring season

Kevin’s Virginia Gobbler Hunt 2013

Kevin and Adam team up again to bring another BIG Virginia long beard down!  But neither were expecting to see a bird of this size walk almost into Kevin’s lap!

Randy’s 2013

DEER30 Outdoors owner, Randy Ott, spent a few short years in Georgia before returning to Virginia in 2014.  While enjoying the hospitality of the deep south, he had the chance to do a little turkey hunting.  Follow along with him as he mans both the shotgun and the camera while trying to bag his first Georgian longbeard.

Kevin’s Virginia Gobbler Hunt – 2012

With Adam behind the camera, Kevin sets off after his first gobbler of 2012.

Virginia Opening Day Gobbler Hunt – 2012

Team members Randy, Adam, and Kevin join forces to try and fill the first tag of the season.

Calling and Filming West Virginia Gobblers – 2012

Sometimes you just can’t resist hearing a big gobbler holler.  Randy and Adam head down the road to West Virginia to hopefully call some big gobblers in close for some good video footage.

Adam’s Redemption Hunt – 2010

Randy runs the camera as Adam calls these gobblers in for a shot.  But things don’t go quite as planned and the boys have to work even harder to get the job done.




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