Randy’s 2nd 2010 Gobbler

This hunt was a first for me because I never expected that you could kill a turkey without making a single call of any kind. We set up on a private 20 acre piece with a hardwood ridge and thick gullys. The bird was roosted about 70 yards from our set up and after flying down he started working our way. Adam, Kevin, and I sat quietly waiting. The goal was to get Kevin a shot as he had taken a Jake the week before but never a long beard. The gobbler made his way in to about 25 yards but Kevin learned a valuable lesson that morning. His gun was still on his lap. Since the bird was so close and began moving our way immediately, he had no chance to raise it to his knee and did not feel comfortable taking a quick shot. Luckily, I had the ol’ Mossberg at the ready and was able to get him down with one shot. The 2 year old bird had 3/4″ spurs, 9 1/2″ beard, and weighed 20 lbs.

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