Randy turkey_3-30-13

Randy’s 2013 GA Gobbler

This bird means a lot to me. Not that any of the others didn’t, but this one marks my emergence as a turkey hunter. I have been hunting turkeys for several years but always with one of my other good friends and DEER30 team members. Although I had called in several birds on my own while scouting and Kevin’s first long beard, I had never called one in for myself and was successful harvesting him. So when this bird came to me on a string through this Georgia prescribed burn area of the Redlands WMA, I could hardly contain myself. The full detailed story can be found in our “Tales of the Hunt” section as the article titled Fire Bird.
Age: 3yr old
Weight: 21 lbs
Beard Length: 9.5″
Spur Length: 1″
Public Land Bird

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