Randy’s 2010 Gobbler

What a morning! The C-Bar Ranch is a small piece of private property on which we have permission to hunt. It is absolutely filled with turkeys. This morning, we decided to move down the ridge from our nornal setup under the big oak to just off the side of a small clearing. Adam, Kevin, and I waited anxiously as the first gobble of the morning was thundering only 100 yards away. Adam and I take turns calling, him on his Cane Creek mouth call and I on a Primos slate call. The bird shut up for a little bit, and when you are sneaking a hunt in before work, you are very limited on time. So Adam decides to try to ease up to the edge of the ridge and peer down into the hollow to see if he could see the bird or get the bird to hear his calls. He never made to the rim, but as he crossed the trail a hen pitched down into the opening 15 yards away. He had to freeze in place, the “Keffer Statue” has it has come to be known, and wait until the hen fed out of sight before he quickly made it back to our tree. Meanwhile, a coyote had snuck in to less than 10 feet from my gun barrel. I didn’t want to shoot and ruin the hunt although Adam is still on me for not taking that dog. About 10 minutes after the coyote disappeared over the end of the ridge, the gobbler woke up again, only he had made it around behind us. Only a few calls later, he walked right into my lap. He finally popped out from behind a large ash tree at only 10 yards! Knowing he was about to bust us, I quickly raised my gun and popped him!

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