2010 – April -Kevin’s First Bird

Adam with Kevin and his 2010 Jake

Opening day of turkey season can be tough, or so I was warned before joining Randy and Adam for the first time ever this season. We had hit a few spots where birds had been heard in the weeks leading up to opening day but with no luck. Our backup plan was a small 20 acrer piece of ground just outside of town that to our knowledge had not been hunted and held several birds. We worked our way to the edge of the ridge, again with no response. Suddenly a gobbler and several jakes appeared right on top of us. They had come in quiet and were quickly spooked and retreated to the bottom of the gully. We sneaked over to just short of the edge of the ridge and quickly set up again. Adam hit the call and the moment a head bobbed into sight I smoked him using Adam’s 835. I was fortunate enough to take my first bird, a jake, on my first hunt, using a weapon that I had never fired.

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