2010 -April 23 – Kevin’s First Gobbler

Kevin’s First Gobbler – 2010

I had just started turkey hunting about 3 weeks earlier when Randy and I decided to go to a small 20 acrer piece of property that we had permission to hunt for a morning sit before work. As soon as we steppped out of the truck we heard the birds gobbling on the roost. The plan was to circle around behind them because the our normal ambusg site was directly under two of the competing Toms. We made it only about 40 yards down the trail when gobble practically deafened us it was so close. We checked for whatever cover we could find. Randy set me up under some mounded honeysuckle vine and he laid behind some discarded trash cans with the camsorder and call. A few yelps later at this ol’boy came strutting up the ridge straight to us. I dropped him at 12 yards with Randy’s 835.

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