2009 – April 18 Randy’s First Bird

Randy’s First Gobbler – 2009

Growing up at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Maryland offered few turkey hunting opportunities. So it wasn’t until I moved to Virgina and met Adam that I understood why turkey hunting was so popular. We hiked 3 miles into the National Forest before we were able to close the deal on this nice gobbler. He crossed the trail in front of us on the tail of a hen running from his advances. We froze, mid stride, and waited til he dopped off the edge of the ridge. We then set up in some rocks and with a few yelps, this 2 year old Tom turned and came straight back up the ridge. The morning sun was shining through his fan when I got the shot off and nailed him at 40 yards with my Mossburg 835. He had an 9″ beard, 3/4″ spurs, and weighed 18 lbs.

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