Kevin's First Turkey - GroupTurkey hunting is one of the most exciting experiences that a hunter can have.  When a strutting Tom gobbles in your face at 30 yards, your heart will practically jump out of your chest.  The victorious feeling that overwhelms you the moment after that massive 12 gauge 3 1/2″ shell rocks your shoulder and your chasing down a big long beard trying to flop itself off a mountain, is unmatched.  Unmatched because when was the last time you and your hunting buddy worked so hard to locate a bird and get into the perfect set up only to have  him “shut up” when he hits the ground, gobble his head off out of range, or be running scared after your camera man accidentally snaps an unseen twig as you work through a clearcut in the early morning, with hardly enough light to see the nose on your face.  Try that last one with Adam and he will shoot you a look that if it doesn’t turn you to stone you will wish you had a hole to crawl off into.  The point is turkey hunting can be challenging but incredibly rewarding.  Check out some of our successes and failures in the Success Gallery and Video pages.

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