Small Game

Undoubtedly, most of us got our start hunting smallgame in the woods and fields at a young age.  The use of smaller less powerful weapons allow for children to share the joy of hunting with their parents while not being encumbered by a heavy, hard kicking rifle or shotgun.  Indeed many of the skills that will be later utilized for larger game later in life are learned in the early years.  Marksmanship is learned with a classic Marlin 22  confidently aimed a pudgy ol’ ground hog or a sneaky squirrel.  “Leading” skills are learned by shouldering a 4-10, 20 gauge, or a sweet sixteen after flushed cock birds or jumped rabbits.  Some begin even earlier with a Red Ryder or Daisey BB guns and dropping birds and mountain boomers out of the backyard.  I think that the opportunities we have to continue to hunt small game are opportunites to relive our youth and remember what and who got us to where we are today.

2017 “Big Louie”

Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  Regardless of what I am doing at the time, when the opportunity to remove a varmint from the property arises, I try to take it out.  On this hunt I am trying to fill an early season whitetail tag when who pops out, Big Louie.  Big Louie has been around for several years and had always been able to elude us.  Meanwhile he has been tearing the area to pieces with his holes and borrows making it rough on farming equipment, a danger to anyone who accidentally steps in one, and stuffing himself with the farmer’s crop.  But not any more.

2012 Groundhogs

Adam joins his dad “Rudy,” and friend “Muskrat,” for another summer evening of shooting groundhogs.  Only this time, they stretch the range to shots of over 800 yards!

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