Predator hunting is not something we often actively pursue.  Meaning we don’t set out to hunt a bobcat and we aren’t bear hunters, but we are opportunists.  Although I have seen a few bears from the deer stand, I have not seen one big enough to take a shot…. yet.

Bobcats on the other hand are on my bucket list as a hunter.  These secretive and beautiful cats are a rare sight amidst the mountains of Virginia and even more so throughout the Maryland farmland in which we hunt.  Should I be so fortunate as to have one cross my path, you can bet I will be settling a pin on its chest.

Foxes and Coyotes, on the other hand, are predators which we do try to take when the opportunity presents itself.  Coyotes are notorious fawn and turkey poult killers and foxes take poults, rabbits, pheasants, and quail from our hunting lands.  We will take every coyote we can and hopefully at least one fox each season in an effort to keep their numbers in check so that the other small game we enjoy hunting and seeing can remain in healthy populations.

Below are links to some videos and photos of the predators we have encountered while hunting  Take a look by clicking the photos below and I hope you enjoy them!













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