Randy’s 9PT

Randy’s 9PT – Nov. 6, 2010

Adam and I were hunting together in the National Forest of SW Virginia about 2 miles from where we parked the truck. When we got to the spot we were going to be hunting, we made the plan that Adam would go right and I would go left around this long wide bench on the side of the mountain. I had not been situated for more than 15 min. when I could hear a deer walking. I turned to look toward the direction that Adam had just headed towards and here came this heavy 9pt following along the hardwood bench. When passed at 50 yards, I was going to have to thread the needle through some small trees to get a shot. I fired my CVA Optima 50 cal. muzzleloader and the deer ran down off the bench. When I turned after the shot, Adam was already standing there. We searched and found the deer behind a fallen log. This old buck is the 2nd largest I have ever killed with an 18 2/8″ inside spread and gross scoring 130 1/8″. I shot the buck at 8 am and we did not make it back to the truck until 3 pm. It was a long drag!

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