MD 6pt 2015

Randy’s MD 6pt 2015

There has been a cull 6pt running around the farm all season. It had one decent side to his rack and a scuffy opposite side and wasn’t as wide as his ears. He had a dark rack and I decided that with all the young 8pts running around with him, that a deer like that needed to come out of the heard.
Well, after hunting the first week of November during miserably warm temperatures and little to no deer movement, I wasn’t expecting to see a whole lot that morning as I walked to the stand with temperatures hovering in the low 60’s. But after about an hour I could hear the running hooves of a deer quickly approaching. I turned to my left, grabbed my bow and when I when I turned back there he stood facing me at 35 yards. I thought to myself “Its the scuffy 6!”
So when he turned broadside, and drew and released. My DCA arrow flew true and I knew I had a deer down.
But when I walked up to him, I quickly realized that it was not the scuffy 6pt after all. Instead it was just a young 1yr old. My heart sank and I thought to myself, “How could I have been so fooled?”
Regardless of his size, it was a fun and exciting hunt that resulted in some great table fare.
Lesson learned: If you are trying to be selective when harvesting bucks in your hunting area, wait to shoot until you have a chance to check body confirmation to verify the age.

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