Randy’s Velvet Buck

Randy’s 2012 Velvet Buck

I broke my own rules about shooting young bucks to take this velvet 4pt last week in MD. I have been chasing whitetails for almost 20 years and I have never had the opportunity to take a velvet deer. This year Maryland opened the season a week early so I knew there may be a chance. We saw almost 200 deer last week, not kidding, including 10-12 different bucks, Unfortunately, the only true shooter that I encountered was a great 130″ 8pt that was hard horned and escaped my arrow due to an underestimate of his range. The rest of the 1 1/2-2 1/2 yr olds were a 50/50 mix for being in and out of velvet.
I was hunting the corner of a cut corn field between a dense thicket and a hardwood creek bottom when this young buck passed directly under my stand. I played the should I or shouldn’t I game in my head, reluctant to kill a young buck, but decided that I would love a velvet buck and may not get many more opportunities. So I drew back, released, and 80 yards later, I was holding my first ever velvet buck with a big silly grin! No regrets!

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