Scouting for Deer (Videos)

One of the most important things that a hunter must do prior to the opening day of the season to be successful is scout thoroughly.  This can start at home, either on the web or at your dining room table looking at digital maps or aerial photography to locate funnels, bedding areas, and food sources.  Then get out there and put in the leg work.  Nothing beats first hand knowledge gained by seeing the trails and deer movement in an area to confirm that the promising spots on the map are indeed this year’s “honey hole.”  Then be vigilant but not intrusive.  It is a lot of fun to monitor the deer herd with trail cameras and watch as the bucks grow their antlers.  But checking your cameras too often can bump bucks out of your area.

The DEER30 team likes to utilize the “zoom” powers of their Sony® camcorders to keep watch over their flocks as you can see in these great videos.

2015 – Big Summer Bucks – Take a quick look at several of the great Virginia bucks the DEER30 Outdoors team kept a close eye on during the summer of 2015 leading up to the fall hunting season.

2012 – Monster Virginia Bucks – Adam and Daniel film several big bucks as they scout from a distance the farms on which they hunt.

2012 – Randy films this basket racked 8 point he names “Mr Brooks” within the city limits of Athens, GA.  Unfortunately, Athens does not have an urban archery season, so this buck has nothing to worry about.

2012 – Kevin finds three bucks in his home town in southwest Virginia, including a shooter named “Cartwright”

2012 – More Cartwright

2012 – Can’t get enough Cartwright!

2012 – This young urban 8 point has been named “the Tramp.”  He has been spotted several times but never in the same area, so he is a roamer.  Each time he has been seen, he has always had a few ladies with him.

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