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Capturing a hunt on video, especially when most are self-filmed, is a huge challenge and a lot of work.  When it all comes together at that magic moment when the deer steps into frame and the shot is taken, an incredible feeling of satisfaction is reached regardless of the size of the animal.  Instead of telling our friends, family, and viewers a story of what took place, they are able to watch for themselves and witness first-hand the passion and enthusiasm we have for the sport we love so much.


2017 Timing is Everything

You always hear the phrase “timing is everything,” well last weekend, it certainly was.  I returned to my home state of Maryland for the fourth time this season, having taken a doe and coyote on earlier trips.  Not only was it the first week of November, the weather was cool and perfect, the rut was getting hot, and the bucks were chasing does, but the farmer had just cut the corn only days prior to my arrival.  It all comes together and I take my best Maryland buck with a bow at 5 yards!

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2017 Timing is Everything

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