Hunting in today’s world is vastly different from that of previous generations, or even from only a few decades ago.  The idea of game management for health and quality was not yet a widely accepted policy and the popularity of the sport resided primarily within the “rural” community.  Which is a more polite way of saying “country folk”, “mountain men”, “Hicks”, or “REDNECK.”  Today, the hunting industry has opened its door to doctors, executives, businessmen, and all other walks of life.  The focus has shifted too.  Now the need for quality table fare is being overshadowed by a bigger equals better mentality.

The Deer30 Outdoors Team is comprised of modern hunters educated in the ways of tradition and hell bent on passing these traditions on to other friends, family members, and the next generation.  We try to take the opportunity with this site to help our viewers experience the sport of hunting though the eyes of people who truly love and appreciate the story behind the pictures.  Our trophies are as much in our minds and hearts as they are in our photo albums and on our walls.

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The DEER30 team offers tips and tactics for bow and rifle hunting, photo galleries and videos of fair chase hunts for deer, turkey, small game and fishing as they happen. This site also includes delicious wild game recipes, provocative thoughts and comments on various relative topics, and much more. Thank you for visiting with us!