Hunting Tales

Welcome to DEER30 Outdoors’ virtual campfire!  From a hunter’s first day afield until his/hers deathbed, it is in our nature to spin yarns about the events that transpired on that crisp fall morning when the buck of life time stepped out or when a big gobbler came in tripping on his beard.  Yes, before the age of video cameras, such stories told from behind a cup of hot coffee or cold one were what bonded friends and family to the outdoors and their hunting experiences.  Well, we’d like to share with you a few of our campfire stories and I’ll leave the choice of beverage up to you.


  1. Super 8 Goes Down
  2. One Helluva October
  3. Levi’s 1st Buck
  4. 2016 Season Opens with Blood
  5. My First 10
  6. Mega Buck Crossed off the Hitlist
  7. Triumphant Return
  8. Ruttin Buck
  9. Smoke Pole Success
  10. Opening Day Brute
  11. A Monster in the Making
  12. Deer30 Done in Illinois
  13. Early Season success
  14. My First Muzzleloader Buck
  15. Another Great Season
  16. How Do You Spell Success
  17. Maryland Rut in Full Swing
  18. Big Illinois Buck Down
  19. DEER30 Team on the board
  20. Another Virginia 12pt
  21. My Best Buck
  22. He Stole My Deer
  23. My First Deer
  24. Drive Hunt for Sitka


  1. Once a Turkey Hunter
  2. Snow Birds
  3. Tagged Out
  4. Gobbler in Our Laps
  5. First Gobbler
  6. What an Opening Week of Turkey Season
  7. Early Birthday Present
  8. A Rookie’s First Turkey Hunt
  9. Tagged Out with Turkeys
  10. Short but oh so Sweet
  11. Teaming Up for a Textbook Gobbler
  12. Swift Retribution
  13. Passing it On
  14. Gobble Gobble Yall
  15. Another One Bites the Dust
  16. Fire Bird
  17. High Pressure Birds
  18. Kevin’s 2012 Turkey Hunt
  19. Kevin’s May Gobbler
  20. BBD Again
  21. Opening Day Gobblers


  1. Monster Muskie

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