How to apply Quickfletch by NAP

NAP’s Quickfletch products have revolutionized the sport of archery and bow hunting with its simplicity and ease of application.  The DEER30 team has used and loves this product which is why we wanted to share it with our viewers.  It has undoubtedly aided in bringing us success in the field and on the range.

Join Randy as he demonstrates just how easy it is to replace a damaged vein.

6 thoughts on “How to apply Quickfletch by NAP”

  1. Hi Randy. I was looking at quick fletch but am wondering about its effect on arrow FOC, assuming nothing else is changed. Have you looked at that? Thanks.

    1. I have not taken any front of center (FOC) measurements of my arrows or done any calculations to determine the FOC with Quickfletch vs the stock veins. But from what I have witnessed, the Quickfletch, more specifically the Twister model, seems to get the arrow spinning faster off the bow and corrects the arrows “wobble” faster than when I replaced the veins by traditional means. FOC becomes particularly important when shooting fixed-blade broadheads or long ranges.

      I gave up shooting fixed-blades and jumped on the Rage bandwagon several years ago and never looked back. I love these heads and they fly incredibly well with my setup. I shoot 29″ Beman ICS Hunter carbon shafts with 100 gr. 3-blade Rage heads and Tracer nocks. I only practice with the practice heads that Rage provides in their packages. I have found that when the stock veins become damaged and I replaced them with the Quickfletch, my groups remain the same or become even tighter. So I have to assume that they do not change the FOC significantly enough to effect arrow flight. But this is an interesting queston. My curiosity may require further investigation.

      Good to hear from you again.

  2. Thanks for the reply Randy. Well, I didn’t robin hood my arrow but I did put on through the vanes of the other so now two need refletching. I’ll give the QF a go and see how it works. I’ll let you know.

  3. got the arrows refletched and shot them today. I see no difference between the QF and 2″ blazers. I’ll be using these to at least save target arrows.

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