The DEER:30 Outdoors team does not end their year when the hunting season closes.  The spring and summer of Maryland and Virginia offer many opportunities to take to the water in search of new quarry.  Whether we are following the tangled banks of mountain streams after rainbows and native trout, creeks and rivers for smallmouth and musky, or flat water lakes for stripers and catfish, you can bet that one of us will be on the water somewhere.

Fishing is a lot like hunting in many aspects.  You must understand what the fish are doing at certain times of the year.  Are they spawning?  Are they biting out of hunger or defense?  What are the needs of specific species (type of prey, favorite cover, depth of water, water temperature, etc.)  Most importantly, you must keep an open mind and not be trapped in the successes of years past.  Just because something worked last year or even last week, it may not work today.  Waterways are dynamic systems and so the animals who live within them change with their surroundings.  We are always trying new things and occassionally they lead to tight lines and big silly grins.

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