DEER30 Team on the Board!

Well you can’t ask for a better way to kick off the 2012 season!  We had a blast in Maryland last week seeing old friends and family, and oh yeah, dropping a few whitetails along the way.  The DEER30 team combined to see almost 200 deer including 12 different bucks!  The corn was cut just before our arrival and a cold front moved in lowering the temps to low-mid 70’s by day and upper 40’s – low 50’s at night.  The deer were definitely on their feet.

Randy had a great opportunity at a 130 class 8 point that he estimated was 19-20″ wide inside.  But unfortunately, the huge deer came in right at first light as he left a cut corn field to head into a creek bottom to bed.  So not only was it a little too dark for the camera but also for Randy’s range finder.  So guessing the buck was 40 yards, Randy released his arrow and watched it sail just under the deer’s heart.  The buck bounces off unharmed and was later ranged to be 48 yards.  Randy recovers from this gut wrenching morning by taking his first velvet buck ever a few days later.

Kevin made the best of a tough situation and bagged this big adult doe from the ground.  On his way the “Cherry” stand that Randy had moved last season, he soon realized that he was not going to be able to find it in the darkness of the early morning.  So finding some ground cover, he sets up to overlook a dense creek bottom at he edge of a large hay-field.  This doe would soon cross paths with Kevin and meet the business end of his PSE bow.

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