Wild Turkey

Randys 3rd gobbler 2015Prepare yourself for the finger lickin’, mouth waterin’, tasty goodness of the wild turkey.  Although preparations differ slightly from that of their domesticated cousins, the wild variety can be every bit as juicy and delicious.  Follow the links below to some fantastic meals that will have you dreaming of next year’s strutting Tom’s and thunderin’ gobblers!

  1. Bacon-Wrapped Wild Turkey
  2. Grilled Wild Turkey
  3. Mom’s Turkey Casserole
  4. Oven Roasted Wild Turkey Breast
  5. Turkey Curry with Coconut Milk
  6. Wild Turkey and Potatoes
  7. Wild Turkey & Bowtie Pasta
  8. Wild Turkey and Stuffing
  9. Wild Turkey Breast Casserole
  10. Manicotti Stuffed with Wild Turkey Breast

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