Maryland DoeThe great thing about venison is that it can be a lean substitute for just about any cut of beef.  If someone has told you that its too “gamey” or it tastes funny, well all I can say is they’ve never had it like this!  Below are links to some of our favorite wild venison meals that if you try I know you’re going to love!



  1. Bacon-Wrapped Backstrap
  2. Buck Poppers
  3. Crunchy Venison Rolls
  4. Cupboard Leg Roast
  5. Curried Deer Chops
  6. Deer Bologna
  7. Deer Chili
  8. Deer Jerky
  9. Deer Lasagna
  10. Deer Stew
  11. Italian Stuffed Peppers
  12. Peppered Venison Pot Roast
  13. Swiss Steak
  14. Three Meat Soup
  15. Venison Casserole
  16. Venison Stroganoff

2 thoughts on “Venison”

    1. Sorry I missed your post Johnny. I’m sure you probably have already eaten your deer shoulder and I hope it was delicious. For your next shoulder, I like a marinade that’s a little sweet and tangy for shoulders. I have used the following with great results:
      32 oz V-8 Splash Fruit Medley
      ¼ cup of hot sauce
      Salt and Pepper
      1 Tsp of Worcester sauce
      ½ mandarin orange
      2 Tbls of brown sugar
      marinade a minimum of 4 hours. Be careful as the shoulders can dry out and toughen quickly over too high of heat. I try to keep my charcoal grill around 250 degrees. turn the meat frequently and baste each time until internal temp reaches about 160 degrees for medium doneness. The time will vary depending upon thickness and size of shoulders. Hood luck and congrats on your successful hunt!

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