Deer Bologna

deer bolognaWhat better way is there to share your harvest than with delicious sticks of perfectly seasoned venison bologna?  I can’t think of any either.  DEER30 Outdoors’ favorite recipe comes from team member Levi Bennett’s family and it is pure mouth watering goodness!


50 lbs of venison burger

10 lbs of beef burger

2 lbs of Tenderquick

2 lbs brown sugar

2 Tbls dry mustard

2 Tbls Mace

4 Tbls Accent

1 oz Liquid Smoke

2 oz black pepper

4 cups Kings Syrup


Mix meat and all dry ingredients thoroughly preferably in one large container/tub.  Add syrup and liquid smoke then mix thoroughly again.   Stuff into 2″ casings (running through grinder with “sausage stuffer” horn attachment).  Bake 3 hrs at 225°F while turning every 1/2 hour.

Note:  For a little spicier version, try adding red pepper to taste.  1/4 cup gives it a nice touch of heat but taste and tolerance for spice varies greatly and you will want to adjust the amount accordingly.

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