2016 Season Opened with Blood

2016 MD doeAs deer hunters, we all look forward to opening day with excitement as the cool fall air will undoubtedly have deer on their feet and walking right under our stands.  Right?  Ha! Not this year!

The Maryland 2016 season opened this past weekend with day time highs soaring into the mid 90’s and heat indexes touching triple digits.  But, like any dedicated (code for crazy or foolish) bow hunter, the DEER30 Outdoors team was not deterred.

Opening day came and went with very few deer passing within view, but my Uncle Randy did manage to have a young, crazy racked buck pass by at 20 yards.  Electing to pass on him, we set out the next afternoon still without having notched a tag.

As we walked by the old deserted home place on our way to an evening sit, I look over my shoulder and see an adult doe stand from her bed.  I tell my uncle to stop and shoot the doe.  It was 94 degrees, we or may not see another deer, and we were only a few hundred yards from the house.  So he raises his Kodabow crossbow, I whisper “she’s 40 yards” and he sends a bolt right into her lungs!  A perfect hit and the deer didn’t run 70 yards!

Hunting during the early season can be extremely tough, especially during high heat conditions.  Bit then again, how do you spell “skill?”  L.  U.  C.  K.  !

  • Randy


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